Book Club Classics (online)
October 15, 2008

This novel is simply a delight.  It caught my eye at Tattered Covers in Denver on our recent trip — and then on a list of Indie Next’s Notable Picks — and then, happily, the publisher contacted me to read and review it. It did not disappoint.

Ever notice how some books seem to take much longer than you would expect to finish, and you assume you must just be busier than usual? And then with other books, miraculously you seem to have time to fly through a novel in just a couple of days? Well, Hannah will be over before you want it to be, leaving you missing Samson, Neva, and even Hannah…

I was a little concerned when the publicity papers praised the novel as one fans of “Water for Elephants” would love, since I did not love Gruen’s very popular novel. Instead, Gruen should use Hannah as a way to lure readers.

Hammond’s deft characterization brings to life unique people who are well-meaning and extremely likeable — and even the “bad guy” is sympathetic due to Hammond’s use of third person point-of-view that switches to include each of the major players.

I did shed tears at the end, but they were largely of joy with only a bit of disappointment that the characters would no longer be a part of my life.

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